Zombie Shopping Mall Experience


We’ll fight them in the streets, we’ll fight them in our towns and cities and now…we’ll fight them in our shopping malls (for some reason).

That’s right. The un-dead have risen in unthinkable numbers and have congregated in our most sacred of sacred places…the place we buy our stuff! Come and join the battle at the Reading Shopping Centre and slaughter zombies the way nature intended, with airsoft weaponry.

In an abandoned shopping centre in Reading Town, experience a bespoke ‘full immersion’ fight for survival, designed to scare the bejesus out of you and your friends as you battle your way through this living nightmare, one GAP wearing, Starbucks drinking zombie at a time.


On the day…

On arrival, you’ll be briefed by the Zombie Response Unit and given half an hour of intensive training in zombie-evasion tactics and the use of specialist weapons designed to…well, you know, kill zombies.

You will then be let loose in the deserted shopping mall where all those hours of playing first-person zombie shoot ‘em ups will most likely have little to no benefit whatsoever.

For three hours, you and your friends can run around screaming “Die, Zombie! Die!” while wave after wave of walking dead come at you from all angles, fake blood and special effects included.

Don’t miss out on the zombie experience to end all zombie experiences…this activity gets booked up quickly and there is no guarantee that the un-dead contained within the walls of this unused shopping mall will be held for long…

[youtube id=”TwltIyYnYV0″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

When is this activity available?

This experience day has now ended due to the demolition of the unused shopping mall. Click here to see out other recommended zombie experience days.

At the moment, this activity is available every weekend until further notice. The unused shopping mall that sets the scene for this war of the un-dead is due for demolition, although no dates have been confirmed.

What is the minimum age restriction/Can anyone take part?

Zombies have a particular taste for young brains, for this reason we must specify that the minimum age is 16. This event is designed to be scary and as a result we recommend that anyone with a nervous disposition or underlying health issues do not take part. If you have any questions about participating, please discuss with the supplier directly.


Can I make a group booking/How many people can take part?

The experience is designed for up to 15 people. We accept bookings from individuals, pairs, small groups etc that will be grouped together on the day. We advise that group bookings for more than 5 people be confirmed in advance to check availability.

Do I need to be fit?

You will need to be reasonably fit to take part in this experience. There is a lot of physical activity involved and a lower level of fitness may result in the unfortunate act of being eaten by zombies.

Do I need to bring anything/wear anything particular?

No, everything you need will be provided on arrival. Please wear suitable clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty.


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