Zombie Boot Camp experience


Do you enjoy being eaten? Being thrown to the ground in an attempt to steal your weapon and eat your brains? Well you’re in luck, now you can experience a setting where you have the potential for these things to happen but without any of the nasty repercussions, i.e. dying.

This experience day, available via the website Wish.co.uk, allows you to enjoy the experience of a zombie apocalypse whilst teaching you the ways in which you can survive it. A new and popular trend that is emerging in locations all over the UK; including London, Birmingham, Norwich, Manchester and more.

In teams of eight people or more you will learn how to combat zombies through a basic training programme. Military instructors will teach you how to use a pistol, grenades, and even a rifle – A rather important part in the experience as forgetting this could result in your early demise.


Your brief

Your first mission; working as part of a squad, all in your protective gear, you will clear a mock Government research facility; using your paintball guns and riot equipment you will clear the area of any zombies you may find, including ones in lab coats; basically anything that’s a little too over friendly (within reason).

You will work as a team, taking instructions from the guards and make your way to the Patrol Base, learning valuable techniques to take down zombies as you go.

The main mission of the day involves a warehouse full to the brim of zombies. Splitting up and into pairs, (as we all know is the number 1 rule in the horror genre), and with the comfort of some fun and witty nicknames, you will use the lessons you have been taught to kill some zombies.

There are corridors, small claustrophobic tunnels and the inevitability of running out of ammo, meaning that you will have to take a slightly more hands on approach. After you have cleared all of the rooms, you will be given a zombie killing certificate.

What to expect on the day

Generally, the experience will last around four hours, starting at 2pm and finishing at 6pm. It is advised that you are reasonably fit, as running around for 4 hours is not for the light hearted.

On the day you will first be given the essential zombie-fighting protective gear; a helmet to protect your precious brain, Kevlar armour to protect your vital limbs, (although some may say all are vital), safety goggles, boots and trousers.

Are there any age restrictions?

The minimum age for this is 16, any younger and you may just become traumatised that the blood covered woman has jumped onto your mother and is trying to steal her gun. It is very unlikely that you will be hurt, and so this activity is fine for women; or men if you too are worried.


How much does it cost?

Tickets are great value costing only £79 per person, usually groups consist of around 12-24 people but you are able to book as many people as you want. Unfortunately, a group discount is not offered due to the already significantly low price, any lower and you may just be seeing cardboard cut out zombies and plastic cutlery for weapons.

Everything is included in the ticket price, although there is also a reasonably priced cafe for anyone who wishes to buy food or drink.

Where is the Zombie Boot Camp held?

The experience takes place in Droitwich, which is located just outside of Birmingham.

Our Verdict 

If you are interested in training yourself for the Zombie Apocalypse, working as a team to kill the undead (even more than they already are dead), or just for having a fun day out with a thrill, this could be an experience for you.


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