SWAT Training Day


SWAT Teams have it all; drama, suspense, action, mystery and women (probably).

Haven’t we all, at some point in our life, hidden stealth-like behind a door, made weird and indecipherable hand gestures at no one in particular, before charging the room yelling, “GO! GO! GO!” scaring the living hell out of the dog? Well, thanks to Wish.co.uk, here’s your have the chance to do this with like minded individuals in our full scale, battle ground SWAT experience.

You and your team of highly trained fellow SWAT’ers will be expected to carry out a fictional mission, kitted out in full Special Forces regalia and armed to the teeth, while your SWAT Leader teaches you the techniques and tactics needed to survive the most hostile of conditions…and pyrotechnics.


What happens on the day?

On arrival, once you have been introduced to your new SWAT Leader (the man that may, and probably will, save your life) you will given your very own weapon and taught the basics in assault tactics, room and vehicle clearance, ambush drills and rescue moves.

You’ll get to practice your shooting skills on a firing range to perfect your accuracy before being hurled head-long into a full-on, adrenaline pumping, SWAT experience. You will be expected to clear out a building full of insurgents while avoiding enemy operatives, whose one and only order on this particular day is to TAKE YOU OUT.

It’s kill or be killed in this ‘full immersion’ experience and only the toughest (or perhaps the best at hiding) will survive.

Come along to the base in Droitwich and test your skills so that you can sit at home one day in front of the telly, and shout abuse at those stupid Hollywood Wannabes who have no idea what it takes to survive a real hostage rescue experience, unlike you.

[youtube id=”lGxDoa15UvA” width=”600″ height=”350″]

How much does it cost?

The experience costs just £59 per person and currently takes place on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Do you take group bookings?

Each SWAT team will comprise of 12 people, if your party is smaller than this you will be grouped with another to make up numbers. If you’d like to book for a larger party please contact the supplier directly.

Do I need to bring anything?

Nope, everything you need is included in the price; this consists of protective outerwear, weapons, ammo and kit.

What should I wear?

We recommend that you wear old clothes that you don’t mind getting torn or dirty.

Do I need to be fit? Will I get hurt?

This is a ‘full immersion’ experience that is highly physical. A certain level of fitness is required; if you have any underlying health issues we recommend you contact the supplier to discuss.


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