Learn Olympic Curling with this fantastic Experience Day


An Introduction to Curling

If you’ve ever fancied yourself as a Winter Olympian, enjoy team sports or just love being out on the ice, then this exciting experience day, An Introduction to Curling, is just what you’re after for a fun packed, interesting and unique day out.

Train with an experienced instructor and learn the skills involved in one of the Winter Olympics fastest growing sports. Curling is played and enjoyed across the globe, from Scotland to Canada, Switzerland, Germany and even China and Japan, and has a long and rich history.

Recently, the sport has gained widespread popularity, not only for the level of skill involved in what is sometimes dubbed “chess on ice”, but also for shear amount of fun that can be had with your friends, out there on the ice.


What to expect

In your 60 minute package you will get the chance to learn this favoured winter sport with the help of an expert at England’s only dedicated Curling rink in beautiful Kent.

You will receive a gift pack as a memento of your day and put your body and mind to the ultimate test in what is a highly physical but also extremely tactical sport.


What happens on the day

On arriving at Fenton’s 50m long ice pad in the heart of Kent, you will meet with your instructor who will give you an overview of the lesson and game itself.

This team sport typically consists of two, four person teams that take it in turns to ‘curl’ a 20kg, granite rock the length of the ‘sheet’. There is a lot of skill involved and while the sport is easy and fun to learn, it is much harder to master.

Once out on the ice, members of your team will take it in turns to have a go at ‘curling’ and ‘sweeping’ (the art of guiding the rock into position).

Whether you discover a skill you never knew you had, find a new hobby to take up and enjoy, or simply come along and learn the basics, you are certain to have a fun, exciting and often hilarious experience with An Introduction to Curling.



What is the minimum age?

The minimum age for this experience is 11.

When is the experience available?

An Introduction to Curling is available between October and April, from 10am till 8pm. It is recommended that you allow four weeks between booking and the day itself in order to ensure specific dates are available.

Do I need to be fit?

Curling is suitable for most ages and fitness levels. If you have any concerns regarding your fitness level or physical ability, feel free to contact the event organiser to discuss in more detail.

Do I need to have any Curling experience beforehand?

No, this experience is An Introduction to Curling, you will be taught the absolute basics and there is no need for you to ever have even tried the sport before.

Can spectators come along?

Yes, spectators are more than welcome.

How long does it last and how much does it cost?

This particular experience lasts for 60 minutes, we advise that you arrive half an hour before your booking. The price is £32.

Do I need insurance?

It is not essential that you have insurance for this experience. We hold our own contingency liability cover as well as guaranteeing that the venue holds its own public liability insurance. Your booking voucher also includes cancellation indemnity.



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